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Pylon Mass Interconnect Products / Schnittstellen & Blöcke


Manufacturer / Hersteller:ECT
Block Modell:VGR4
Block Modell Ref No./Nr.:Ref No: 122
Function / Ausführung:Mini 4 Block Desktop Receiver
Features / Eigenschaften: Accessoires / Zubehör:

Universal configurable test interface.

Small bench top footprint.

Up to 4 receiver blocks of any style.

Remove metal cover for machining.

Not vacuum port compatible.

Great for small boards.

Up to 680 test signals.

Guide pins for smooth fixture insertion.

Spring probe interface technology.

VGF4-0808-AB – Enclosure / Adapter Box(4 block 8 x8 box).

VGF4-1208-AB – Enclosure / Adapter Box (4 block 8 x 12 box).

Compatible with all VG blocks except vacuum port.

Customization services are available to meet your specific requirements for interfacing with connectors, card guides,

bed of nail testing or edge of card type testing.

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