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Pylon Mass Interconnect Products / Schnittstellen & Blöcke


Manufacturer / Hersteller:ECT
Block Modell:VGRCB-4CF
Block Modell Ref No./Nr.:Ref No: 611
Function / Ausführung:4 Position up to 18 GHz Block
Features / Eigenschaften: Accessoires / Zubehör:

Both the receiver and ITA Adapters will accept flexible, semi ridged and rigid coax cables,

terminated with an industry standard SMA Plug.

Mating block – VGFCB-4CF.


2 installed alignment pins

2 installed floating mounting0

screws 4 holes (without contacts).

Impedance 50 Ohms.

Fixture contact connection style: SMA.

Can be used for all fixtures / receivers with a Pylon® interface channel

A32433 – coax contacts ordered separately

50 Ohm blind mate contact for a SMA connector.

A31889 SMA connector plug.

A31887 SMA connector torque wrench.

For use in all VG fixture / receiver styles

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