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Pylon Mass Interconnect Products / Schnittstellen & Blöcke


Manufacturer / Hersteller:ECT
Block Modell:VGRCB-15CPF
Block Modell Ref No./Nr.:Ref No: 910
Function / Ausführung:15 Positions for Coax or Power 500MHz / 30 Amps
Features / Eigenschaften: Accessoires / Zubehör:

Provides 15 contacts for coax, power or a combination of both styles as well as 20 signal contacts.

Coax bandwidth – 500MHz.

Power contact – 30 Amps.

Contacts sold separately.

Mating block – VGFCB-15CPF.


2 installed alignment pins.

Can be used for all fixtures / receivers with a Pylon® interface channel

CR-CA50RG174-36 – receiver coax cable assy.

Power contact- CR-610116102.

Coax contact – CR-610104114.

412601 contact extraction tool.

For use in all VG fixture / receiver styles.

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