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Pylon Mass Interconnect Products / Schnittstellen & Blöcke


Manufacturer / Hersteller:ECT
Block Modell:VGFCB-76D
Function / Ausführung:HDMI, USB 2.0, RJ45
Features / Eigenschaften: Accessoires / Zubehör:

USB 2.0 connection.

RJ45 connection.

HDMI connection.

Utilizes probe technology for signal transfer.

CP-059-019 replaceable probe.

Utilizes VG floating alignment design.

Works in any VG Mass Interconnect Receiver or Fixture.

OTS adapters are available for the different types of connectors available such as HDMI – type A (installed),

can be adapted to type C mini, or type D Micro using OTS adapter plugs,

and many more USB 2.0 – adapters are available for male to female,

male to male, micro USB, mini USB, standard-B male, and many more.

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L. Bodenmann AG
Prüftechnik für die Industrie

CH-8548 Ellikon
+41 (0)52 369 00 50

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